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Instant Growth Hydroseeding is a family held company based in Kingwood, WV. Founded in 2006, Instant Growth Hydroseeding has quickly grown to become synonymous with quality, integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our products and services have helped position us as a leader in the industry.

We are in the growth business.

Hydroseeding can be the fastest way to plant lush green vegetation. It is also a great way of planting wild flowers, crown vetch, native grasses, for soil stabilization projects, re-vegetation, erosion control, over seeding for athletic fields and much more. Hydroseeding is usually mechanically applied from hydraulic mulch seeding and is a planting process in which a slurry containing seed, hydro seeding mulch, fertilizer and a bonding agent is sprayed onto the ground. The slurry is transported on a truck mounted tank to the job site and sprayed over prepared ground in a uniformed layer. In remote areas, hydroseeding is sometimes performed via hoses from the truck mounted tank if terrain inhibits vehicle clearance.

There are many advantages to Hydroseeding versus the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing seed. It promotes quick germination of seed and limiting soil erosion. It is also a very cost effective alternative to sod and offers a significant cost savings as well as many other benefits.

Our Services

Hydroseeding from a truck

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Partner Companies

HydroHaul transports bulk water to oil and gas drilling sites and mines in WV, PA and OH. Our trucks have the ability to haul hundreds of barrels per trip. We pride ourselves on dependability, safety, and timeliness.

From standard to deluxe portable restrooms to mobile restroom trailers to ADA compliant restrooms for events such as; weddings, picnics, corporate events, fairs or festivals, U-GO has what you need.


We provide a myriad of services in the energy and public sectors.

  • Natural Gas

    Seeding and mulching of meter stations, compressor stations, gasoline right of ways, and well sites. The use of Flexterra is also a common mainstay along of lines of work. We are used to the demanding schedules faced in the industry. We provide fiber mulch and straw mulch products as well as erosion matting and Flexterra products. 

    Sample Projects

    • Shoemaker Meter Station. Doddridge Co, WV. (Project Value: $30,000)
  • Coal

    Seeding and mulching of reclaimed refuse areas, surface mines and mine faceups. IGHS has all-wheel drive hydroseeders to converse the rough terrain on mine sites. IGHS also has performed “rough backfill” hydroseeding with designated field mixes promoting the future growth of timber and forestation. We are used to the demanding schedules faced in the industry. We provide fiber mulch and straw mulch products as well as erosion matting.

    IGHS also has sweeper trucks we actively use on mines sites that permits the buildup of coal dust and slurry on ancillary county and state routs from hindering the traveling public.

    Sample Projects

    • Jackson Mountain Surface Mine, Jackson Mt., MD (Winner of the "Outstanding Mine Reclamation Accomplishments" award from the Maryland Coal Association). (Project Value: $200,000)
    • Mettiki C Mine Strip, Kempton, MD (Winner of the "Outstanding Mine Reclamation Accomplishments" award from the Maryland Coal Association). (Project Value: $300,000)
  • Commercial/Residential

    IGHS actively performs projects in and around housing developments, commercial building, armories, and government facilities. Our services include but are not limited to; root raking, rock hounding, harley raking, and preparing sub-soil for seed. IGHS guarantees work for growth if we do both the preparation work and the hydroseeding. Our Harley raking services include a walk behind rake for in and around buildings and a medium size rake that goes on a ventrax for larger projects. 

    Sample Projects

    • Elkins Reserve/ National Guard Center, Elkins, WV. (Project Value: $180,000)
  • Heavy/ Highway Services

    IGHS provides hydroseeding, straw of fiber mulch on new highway projects, earthen dams, airport work, water and sewer projects, right of ways, site work pads and more.

    Sample Projects

    • Corridor H Concrete Paving Project, Elkins, WV. (Project Value: $1,200,000)

In-Field Photos

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